Juliette Bigley



Artist's Statement

Our lives are lived through, brightened and coloured by the objects with which we surround ourselves: like relationships with people, our relationships with objects frame the world and our exchanges with it. Our interactions with these objects and their characters fascinate me and are the basis of my work as a metalsmith.

Working in base and precious metals, I use the form of vessels as a canvas through which to explore how we negotiate our physical and emotional place within the world.  Focussing particularly on line and form, my vessels - vases, dishes, bowls - explore notions of function and emerge from the context of the domestic, the rituals that characterise it and our interactions with it.

All of my work involves relationships: within the piece through gestures and the relationship of form, between the piece and the viewer or between the pieces themselves. My work sometimes takes the form of individual pieces, sometimes as pairs and often as groups that can be arranged and rearranged to explore these different relationships.

Beginning with a flat sheet of metal, I use a range of techniques including raising and fabrication to hand-make my pieces. All of my pieces are unique, or are unique pieces from within a series.

Vessels, Sterling Silver and patinated base metal, 2016