Juliette Bigley




I am an artist-silversmith who uses base and precious metals to explore objects, their characters and our relationships to them - especially the ways in which we use objects to structure and explore the world in which we live. Focussing particularly on line and form, my work is both sculptural and functional and has relationships – between people, between people and objects and between objects themselves – at its heart.

Based in London, my initial career focussed on classical singing, followed by a number of years in healthcare management undertaking service design for a range of providers. I chanced on my love of metal by accident when a quieter job provided the opportunity to undertake an evening class - and I soon exchanged designing services for designing objects. At The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design I trained as a silversmith under influential makers such as Simone ten Hompel, David Clarke and Wayne Meeten, gaining both BA (Hons, First Class) and a research MA (Distinction). My research interests include our relationship to the objects with which we surround ourselves, and the ways in which we use objects to negotiate our emotional and physical place in the world.

I have exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally (for example in Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai and Germany) including at Goldsmiths' Fair, where I received an Honourable Mention and was selected for the curated sections by both architect Zaha Hadid and former Director or the Serpentine Galleries Julia Peyton-Jones. I was also selected by the Design Council as one of their Ones to Watch, a group of designers selected for having the potential to contribute to the future of Britain as a design nation. As well as winning several other awards, I has been featured in, amongst others, CRAFTS Magazine, Craft and Design Magazine, the Evening Standard and the FT's How to Spend It.

'Holding the Line' (detail), Sterling Silver, Base Metal and Jesmonite, 2015