Juliette Bigley



Other Bowls

A selection of bowls - all of which can be used but many of which are as sculptural as they are functional.

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Patinated Split Bowls

Patinated Silver Plate on Base Metal, in either 150x150 or 300x300, each piece is unique.

Whilst I can achieve the same colour pallete with the patination, the pattern of colour will vary between each piece.

The bowls may be used for fruit.

Britannia Silver and Sterling Silver Split Bowls

Ranging from 120x120mm to 300x300m. The pieces are finished by hand with a matt finish.  

The bowls can be used for fruit or other food items.

Salt and Pepper Split Bowls

To what extent can a familiar object be taken apart and put back together again and still remain familiar to us? The Split Bowl Collection explores just this, dismantling and reforming the ever-present form of the bowl. Originally a set of six, this collection has expanded to incorporate bowls of different sizes, materials and functions.

Sterling Silver and gilded pinch pots for salt and pepper.

A Bowl for Three Apples

A Bowl for Three Apples plays with two aspects of the bowl: the curve of the bowl and the line of the rim, rearranging the bowl into a silhouette (in sterling silver) and the rim into the straight line (made of patinated mild steel). This composition moves the space in which the bowl contains from a wholly internal space – inside both the body of the bowl and the rim - to an external space that unfurls along the line base, bisecting the form that becomes the idea of the bowl. Both functional and sculptural, this piece also draws on the still life tradition in which everyday objects become vehicles for symbolic expression.

Sterling Silver and Patinated Mild Steel, 300x150x400mm, 2015

A Bowl for Fruit

A Bowl for Fruit sits on the boundary of sculpture and function, using the weight of the fruit to balance the bowl and draw it into equilibrium, with each different piece of fruit being placed slightly differently. The piece uses the basic curve, or outline of the bowl but then goes on to explore different notions of inside and outside with the hollow centre remaining empty even when the piece is holding fruit.

The piece is fabricated from Sterling Silver and is hand finished with a linear matt finish.

Sterling Silver, 230x80x170mm, 2015