Juliette Bigley




A selection of vases, to be arranged in groups or as individuals, for display and for use.

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Tall Vases

Tall vases are part urban landscape, part family group and part sculpture, reminding different people of different things. Each has a piece of 18ct gold wire that pokes out from the side and runs up the inside, acting as a catch for the lid as well as something that brings the outside in.

Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold, 45x45x130-190mm, 2015

Small Vases

A collection of bud vases in either sterling silver or patinated copper - group, mix, collect and display with or without flowers, a single bloom in a single vase or a selection of flowers. Each vase has its own individual character and groups can be arranged to create different portraits either of all silver, all patinated copper or a mix of the two.  

Groups of vases are also presented on oak or walnut plinths or L-shaped shelves.

Sterling Silver or Patinated Base Metal, from 54x54x30mm, 2014

Conversational Vases

Vases that give the impression of conversation, these vases mark the beginning of a body of work that explores gesture. Fabricated from Sterling Silver, the vases lean in at different angles and can be arranged both to play with the impression of relationship that the vases give and to suit the space in which they are placed.

Sterling Silver, 45x45x150mm each, 2013